The way we do it

We design for you

In our company everything starts with you. This is why we don't begin the production process, until we don't understand what you really want. We can measure your needs the best if we show you our sample houses. If you like one of them, then we try to personalize it, according to your needs. But we are not afraid of making a totally new one from the many sample houses, or maybe we can design a totally new visualization plan on the basis of a layout brought by you.

We produce quality

If we agreed on the visualization planning and on the offer, then we can begin the production. According to the visualization planning we make the technical drawings. We take care to buy woods from the winter cutting, and we leave them to rest, in order to put the into the dryer already half dried. This is how we avoid the cracks and twists. According to the technical drawings we produce all the elements from specially dried material with the help of special tools.

We preserve to overcome time

After we finished the production of the elements, we start the preservation, when we soak the elements in an oil-based preservation liquid. This process is made in a special dipping tank, where we preserve all the elements, not only their visible parts, but the invisible parts too. After the preservation we dry out the elements, in case of a request we can paint them, but the painting can be done also at the place of the assembling.

We pack effectively

After the elements are done, we check them and we document them. We make the packages so that the walls will be upside down, so when you start the construction, the elements needed for the bottom of the house will be on the top of the package. We write on every package what kind of wall it contains. After that, they will be put on the palette, because if you can't assembly them immediately, then you can keep them on the place of the assembly. Next to the packages we attach an assembly guide, according to which you can assembly your house without any former training. The packages protect the elements for about a week from the weather. If you want to keep the packages for a longer time, before you construct your house, you have to keep them away from the sun and the rain. Otherwise, they will be damaged.

We assembly accurate

In case of request we assume the assembly. In this case, a group of 3 to 5 men travel to the place, where they assembly the house or your summer house in the shortest time possible.

Others visited

Comfortable family house with a total surface of 94, 50 m2. Inside there is a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, bathroom and closet. Entrance is assured from an L shaped terrace, which surrounds the front and the right side of the house.

Base price:35.276,86

This is a 1 storey building with several balconies, which can be used both as family house or cottage. It is characterized by pretentious finishing. On the ground floor there is arranged an American kitchen, pantry, bedroom and a bathroom, and upstairs there are three rooms, wardrobe, closet and bathroom.

Base price:62.376,34

Everybody likes a place where the mind calms down and the body relaxes. The thoughtful lay-out of this summer house makes it suitable for both reflection and relaxation; the wooden interior provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The house has a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a small storage and a bathroom. One enters through a covered terrace.

Base price:27.193,72

The insulated version of the holiday house has an ideal interior lay-out as well. There is a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom on the ground-floor. In the attic there are two bedrooms, a wardrobe and a bathroom. The quality and the safety of the heat insulation are seen at the structure of the roof and at the woodwork.

Base price:28.537,63
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